Translation agency in Lille – The technicals documents

What is a technical translation?

Technical or specialised translations refer to a specific activity or the accurate operating of a specific device.

Whether it be for the translation of simple or complicated instructions, it is important to choose a good translator, preferably to use a native one who will appropriately translate the document or manual. A rough translation or one ​​by a translator from another country could cause serious consequences and lead to a company's loss of credibility. Indeed, a language can be spoken in several countries, but the differences in languages may or may not change the meaning.

For example:

Portugal : casa de talho (butcher)           Brazil : açougue (butcher)

Portugal : prego (steak in bread)             Brazil : prego (nail)


It is important to say that, in the example above, it is fundamental to choose a good translator in order to be sure of the translation. With this in mind, World Translation E&K only selects native speakers of the target language and does everything to satisfy your needs by prioritising translators who specialise in your field.