Your Translation agency in Lille

Because the world is almost 7000 languages

We live in a world in which communication is expanding, in a world in which there are almost 7000 languages ​; Languages should not be a barrier, but it is almost impossible to master them all. This is why, despite being specialised in Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), World Translation E&K offers many language combinations in every field.

The translation done by natives translators

As we seek perfection and the satisfaction all our customers, we work with native translators, sworn translators and we carry out as many certified translations as simple translations.

A portuguese specialisation

The Portuguese specialisation at World Translation E&K is due to the long stay of one of our employees and managers in two countries whose mother tongue is Portuguese: Portugal and Brazil.


Finally, World Translation E&K focuses on perfection and guarantees quality work for all customers, speed as well as the absolute confidentiality of all documents entrusted to us.